Monday, 1 April 2013

Mrs Mercy Williams


Mrs Mercy Williams <>


Good day my name is Mrs Mercy Williams i am the Secretary to Dr HARRY MARVIS, who travel for travel for a 6month course, i have been trying to contact you for a long while now regard your long awaited fund.

i write to inform you that we have Made Arrangement with the UN Diplomatic Courier Company to Ship your Consignment Box Fund Valued of $7.3M. in fact i thank God very Much for all the Movement i Made,Everything went Normal. AS for my Agreement with the United Nations DIPLOMATIC COURIER COMPANY DIRECTOR:MR.SCOTT MIDO, he promised that your Consignment box will leave this Country today. Your Fund is in United State Currency . Note: The diplomatic does not know the original contents of the boxes for security reason.

What i Declared to him as the content is sensitive Photographic film Material. i did not declare Money to him.Please, on his arrival to your Country, if the agent calls you and asking you the contents, Kindly tell him it contains sensitive Photographic film Material OK. you should contact the courier Company and Forward Them with your Details Below:

NOTE: Reason why you need to provide your information to him is to avoid mistake of your address and your name.

(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Your Address:
(3) Residential Country:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Direct Telephone/cell #:
(6) Nationality:
(7) scanned copy of Id:
(8) nearest airport-

The person you are to contact information is Below:

Diplomatic Courier Company

Mrs Mercy Williams


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