Monday, 15 April 2013


Floating Funds

Mark Philip <>

Tel/Fax: +44 843 2653928 (Private)
Mobile:+44 770 0029383

Dear Sir/Madam,

Permit me to introduce myself to you.

I am an International Auditor on a special assignment to scrutinize all transaction done globally, all indebted foreign Contract debts payment both OLD/NEW, and all out going funds/transaction done by the Apex Banks globally till date.

On the course of discharging my duty, I discovered an over due payment in your favour which is yet to be credited into your bank account. I noticed that you have done virtually everything required of you to have this fund in your bank account but all to no avail.

As an auditor, I am interested to help you realize this fund into your bank account, if only you will compensate me with 10% of the total fund, as soon as the fund is been remitted into your bank account. It has to be a secret between you and I, as the fund in question is hovering around the system in the archive. All I need to do is to slot in a new CD-ROM Static into the system which you will buy at the local shop in your area. I will make available the specification of the CD-ROM Static to you so that you buy can it. As soon as you buy CD-ROM Static, you will have to send it to me. On my receipt of the CD-ROM Static, I will program all your data and trigger your transfer to enable the fund hit your account with your bank. As soon as the transfer is confirmed successful in the system, I will destroy your file and the CD-ROM Static to avoid any trace. Immediately your bank contact you about the arrival of the transfer into your account with them, do not waste time in re-transferring the fund into another bank account which you have to open secretly for this transaction only.

In other for us to proceed with this transaction, I need your banking details where the funds will be transferred into, your personal information and Tel/Fax numbers for easy communication, and details about the impending transaction such as the total sum of the funds etc. This information should be sent either by fax or email correspondence.

Finally, mutual co-operation is highly needed by both of us to enable us perfect this transaction without any hindrance. All our correspondence must be confidential at all times.

I urgently await your response.

Yours truly,

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