Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ethan Roth

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Agent Ethan Roth <>

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You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate the Our Wedding On Tuesday March the 29 at Four O'clock Followed by a Reception

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Anonymous said...

Like anyone would send out an announcement for a Tues afternoon wedding the Sunday before? Duh!!

Anonymous said...

got an email this morning from the same place,my pc alerted me that it was a vicious virus and wouldn't open....people are such A-holes and need to get a life this is what mine said: Please share our joy and be present at our wedding ceremony
followed by a reception on Tuesday October 1st at Four O'clock

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Anonymous said...

I got one today....don't know of anyone getting married soon and sending out wedding invites over the internet....Miss Manners would not approve.....kicker..... in December 10.....not on December 10....bad grammer...and no one, no one, gets married during the week...maybe Fridays...I did not open....glad I checked this website.