Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chief Nana Kuffour

notice of claim

Chief Nana Kuffour <>

I am contacting you regarding $10.2 million us dollars that was deposited under this institution by Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis who died in the Afghanistan war. The consignment box containing the said amount of money was brought here into our custody for safe keeping. Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis, while serving in the Afghanistan War, died in action. Please find details here:,2933,40215,00.html

According to his diplomat, who later died 5 years ago after the fund depository, said the money was discovered by a set of soldiers including Master Sgt. Jefferson Donald Davis whiles they were on security patrol in one of the remote villages in Afghanistan. The stash of money was believed to belong to one of the terrorist groups especially Al-Qaeda for that matter the soldiers then decided to share the money in accordance to their rank in the military in respect to security. The soldier died leaving no beneficiary or next of kin to the account. As the Director of Operations, I am willing to make you the beneficiary of the fund. The fund will then be transferred to your designated bank account in just a couple of business working days. My share of the total fund shall be 50% and 40% for you. We shall consider 10% for the cost of transaction.

In this regard, I am ready to furnish you with all the significant steps and documents upon your reply.

I will wait to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Chief Nana Kuffour
Director of Operations


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