Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ban Ki-moon

Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

United Nations Headquarter (NY) <>

United Nations Headquarters
1 United Nations Plaza New York,
NY 10017, U.S.A
Tel: 718-734-6038

Dear Beneficiary,

It has come to my knowledge that your over-due contract/Inheritance/Winning sum placed on HOLD by the United State Government due to lack of proper documentations will be released to your within 24hrs from now. This latest development is due to the exit of former US Treasury Secretary Mr. Timothy Geithner.

The fund in the value of $4,520.000.00 with the Federal Reserve Bank will be ready for transfer as soon as you pay for the Income Duty Tax fee of $187.00 only to Mr. Frederick Hall in Jacksonville-Florida United State of America. Agent Hall will get the duty income tax fee paid on your behalf to the IRS office and then the Federal Reserve Bank will transfer the fund to your Bank Account.

In response to this email kindly provide your bank account and if you wish for an electronic card payment it will be arranged for you.

Your are therefore advise to send the below details to my secure email.


Send your response to my secure email (

Call me as soon as you get this email.

Yours sincerely,

Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General UN.

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