Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Troy Anderson

Re: Assistance

Troy Anderson <>

Good day,

I require the services of a Personal Assistant as soon as possible.

Interested applicant must have good time management skills, communication and organization skills. Applicant must be honest, reliable & dependable.

Successful applicant would earn $200.00 per assignment and $3,000.00 monthly.

Take up the challenge today and apply if you think you possess the above listed qualities and secure a long lasting part time job for yourself today.

We anticipate a strong and lasting working relationship with and qualified applicants.

The application process is easy, simply fill out your information data in the format below and send to

*) Full Name:
*) Phone:
*) Address:
*) City :
*) State :
*) Zip Code :
*) Occupation:

Note: Application is open to all geographical location and States within the United States of America.

Troy Anderson

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