Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mr. Ryan day

Payment confirmation From United Nations financial operations.

United Nations

From: Mr. Ryan day
Assistant chief executive.
Team of financial auditors
United Nations financial operations.
(World Bank assisted programmed)
Directorate for international payment and transfers.
760 united nation’s plaza, New York, NY 10017, U.S.A

Our ref: wb/nf/un/xx027

Attn: beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly investigated by the help of our intelligence monitoring network system that you are having an illegal transaction with imposters claiming bank officials. Be informed that the federal bureau of investigation is aware of your predicament. During our investigation, it came to our notice that the reason why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled your financial obligation giving to you in respect of your contract/inheritance payment. Therefore, we have contacted the federal ministry of finance London UK on your behalf and they have brought a solution to your problem.

During the course of our investigation, we discovered with dismay that your payment have been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of the bank who are trying to divert your money into their private account.

The Reliance bank of London shall pay you $4.2m dollars without delay as part payment and the wiring memorandum of remittance shall be forwarded to you upon receipt of the banking details of yours for the transfer.

The federal ministry of finance London Uk has approved your payment and the paying bank (Reliance bank) London will transfer your fund to you as soon as you contact them. Since the federal bureau of investigation is involved in your case now, be rest assured that you are 100% sure of receiving your payment soon because it is our duty to protect the American citizens and other countries. All you need to do is, proceeding and contact (Robert Blue) via his email address as indicated bellow, and he will advise you on how to contact the paying bank for your payment.

Contact person name: Robert Blue
Tel: +44-703-5932355

The payment approval officer (Reliance bank of London } shall secure every approval and instruct the bank to credit your account once your full bank information / house address, phone number is forwarded to him

Note: your payment has already been approved; please do contact him right now so that he would proceed with your payment process.

We implore you get back to this office after you establish contact with him to enable us investigate and make sure your payment gets to you. Thanks and hope to read from you soon.

Mr. Ryan day

Assistant chief executive.
Team of financial auditors
United Nations financial operations.

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