Friday, 5 October 2012

Liew Chung



My name is Liew Chung,Contact me for more information about a late client of mine that bears the same last name as yours leaving behind some funds Regards


Corrie Walker said...

He also emails people asking them to help him distribute funds. I recomend googling him as soon as you get the email.

Kerise Myers said...

Hes been emailing me too and still is but im trying to get the man done for it, already know where he REALLY lives and its definitely not Malaysia.

Scott Sinfield said...

I've just received one of these emails too, I'm glad I came across this site. I'm going to play along for a bit so that I can at least waste some of his time, lol

Anonymous said...

When I clicked on reply, his email changed from to

I did WhoIs on domain and it's a news web site in India. I invited him to tell me more about lovely India.

But his pretend name of Liew Chung is clearly Chinese.

Money laundering is where you push money that a criminal in drugs or prostitution human trafficking wired into your bank account and you push it along into another person's account (actually probably his). And even if you didn't realize that's what you're doing, you can still get a serious money laundering prison penalty, at least 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Well he;s still at it! I've just had an email from him. Does he really get anyone to fall for this?

Anonymous said...

yup he is e mailing me sick of these scamers!

Misty Scott said...

I, too, am talking with him via email. It's kind of funny to mess with him. So, I just play dumb for awhile and waste his time and get him all excited that I'm actually going to fall for his dumb scam. What a moron.