Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dr. John Peters


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Attention: Good Morning..I am Dr.John Peters, I was directed by WORLD BANK PAYMENT GROUP (WBPG) AND UNITED BANK OF AMERICA (UBA) and the chairman INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS (IMF) Mrs. Christine Lagarde, to notify you on the investigation that took place here in United State of America. In regards with the investigation that has happened recently here in United States of America, We noticed that your Contract Fund has been seized and even some Inheritance Fund has not been release due to late information so with the investigation that was carry out few weeks ago the Bank Manager of World Bank in Switzerland was Alerted from the Board Officials concerning this problem of late Release of Fund that has been going on all over the World and this issue has been put together and well settle by the Government so everyone is free and save to receive there Fund, the issue of Scam is from you, the Beneficiary i mean the Owner of the Fund, do to Inpatient and Rush you fall into the wrong hand, you are now advise to stop the transaction incase you have anyone that is contacting you for your Fund, and you lost so much money during the process, you have to stop before they hacker into your Email Address and Divert some of your Personal Information you save in your Box, you have to be careful with people you are dealing with incase you have anyone that is contacting you, and keep asking you to pay stop the transaction or you will be Arrested after Further investigation, I am currently paying so many people with the same problem, so I have been directed by the American government to pay you also but due to the late registration of your name on the list of the people I have to pay, I will only pay you $20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million dollars only) As a Contract Inheritance Funds and the meeting was held with the World Bank Association and United States Government (USA). An ATM CARD has been prepared on your name as i am currently speaking and you're advised to contact the dispatcher to enable him send the ATM CARD to your home. Below is the contact information of the dispatcher, make sure you contact him because he will be delivering the ATM CARD at your doorstep. SEE CONTACT DETAILS BELOW: NAME : MR. MARK REED TELLO DEPARTMENT : ATM CARD DELIVERY DEPARTMENT OFFICE. Address: 890 Fexas Road Del 352, Oklahoma usa. EMAIL: tel: 516-422-1089 Meanwhile be informed that cost of shipment has being settled but the insurance coverage of the ATM Card is at your expense, which will cost you $99 only to Obtain the Insurance Coverage of your Card, quickly get back to me with your information so that i can instruct you on how to send the $99 Dollars. Get back to the director of ATM DEPARTMENT OFFICE (MR. MARK REED TELLO) to enable him instruct you on how to send the $99 for the cost of the Insurance of your ATM Card to be delivered at your doorstep and keep you informed. Fill this form and send it back to him to enable him dispatch your ATM CARD at once. * First Name:________________________________. * Last Name:_________________________________. * Street Address:____________________________. * City:______________________________________. * State & Country:____________________________. * Phone Number:____________________________. * Mobile Number:____________________________. * Occupation:________________________________. * Next of kin:_______________________________. * Age:______________________________________. Send the above information immediately. Note: you can also receive your funds through bank to bank transfer but you are going to be requiring paying for the transfer commission as no deduction can be made out of your Contract Inheritance funds. Note: The government of United State Of America has seized money from everybody and cooperate bodies that has participated on the issue. Get back to [MR.MARK REED TELLO] the Director Of ATM DEPARTMENT OFFICE so he will Direct you on how to send the Insurance Coverage Fee of $99 Dollars only. NOTE:You have to keep this confidential to yourself to prevent any mistake or wrong delivery. Best regards, Dr.John Peters Email: