Thursday, 25 October 2012

Daniel Woodlich

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daniel woodlich

Dear Friend,

I will start by introducing myself to you before going further to explain in details about this business proposal.

My name is Daniel Woodlich and I am a Manager of a bank here in my country and I have taken pains to find out your contact.

On a routine check last year, I discovered some investment accounts that have been dormant for at least five years. All the funds in the account belong to a late foreign depositor Basil Kasperos, with monies totalling, Forty Million, Two Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling (Ј40,200,000.00). Now the banking regulation and legislation demands that I do notify the fiscal authorities after a statutory time when dormant accounts of this type, are called in by the Banking Regulatory Commission bodies.

The above facts are the reason why I am writing and proposing to you. My investigation of the said account reveals that the investor, died in 1997 which was the exact time the account was last operated on. I can authoritatively confirm to you with certainty that the said investor, died inter-state and no next of kin to his estate has been found or has come forward all these years.

I am greatly convinced that using my insider leverage, and working with you, the money can be secured in the account for us instead of allowing it pass as unclaimed funds into the coffers of the Government of my country. Now, I am craving for your participation, indulgence and co-operation . I have with me, all relevant and legal documents that will facilitate our putting you forward as the only surviving beneficiary of the funds and ultimately allow you to transfer the money to an account of your own choice.

Of course you shall be handsomely rewarded for your part in this transaction or deal, am prepared and willing to allocate a 40% slice of the total funds for your efforts subject to negotiation. I shall leave out all further details of this transaction till I receive a confirmatory note of participation from you. Be rest assured that I am on top of this situation all the time and there will be a no risk whatsoever if you elect to come on board. Needless to say, UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance if we are to successfully reap the immense benefits of this transaction. I will give you more information about the late depositor ASAP.

I look forward to hear from you soon. If interested please contact me through email:

Yours truly,
Daniel Woodlich

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