Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Director of Minister of Finance foreign funds investigation ""Urgent""


Tel:+234 8035 864889

Attention :Beneficiary

We wish to intimate you that your payment files have been forwarded to this honorable office for final verification before the Transfer and Reflection of your fund into your account. Based on our investigation we understood you have made several payments to different people incapable, wrong hands that can not release your fund you and Transfer of Funds into your Bank will be made as a Secret to avoid those Monitoring Criminals and Scammers to know about your Funds Transfer.

I was appointed to foresee all these that have happened to you in the past, all the express approvals have been made by my very self and . The only clearance we will give to you is your fund release order authority and your legal payment confirmation slip which you will take to your bank for confirmation. Everything we are doing right now is genuine and we want absolute transparency to exist between us for the successfulness of the Transfer of your fund to your account.

You are required to follow the instruction and direction given to you as Beneficiary . I repeat, all the successful arrangement has been made for your Transfer okay believed that, we are working legally and genuinely as appointed, we are not here to lie to you or deceive you, we want you to receive your fund and be happy in life with your family and invest your money properly.Note that a Transfer Form will be send for you as Beneficiary to fill with the required Transfer Form Fee paid immediately as directed for your Transfer to be made and also your TRANSFER PAYMENT SLIP will forwarded to you and your Bank for confirmation of your Funds into your Bank Account.

We don’t want you to loose your fund, been cancel or been diverted to start all over again. This is very urgent and important as your fund have been programmed we don’t want any delay from any foreign fund beneficiary as we are working for your benefit and interest. To this end, no more fees again as your fund will be wire to your nominated bank account first thing tomorrow as soon as we hear from you by today, we will send to you the wire transfer slip as soon as the Transfer is completed.The Required Transfer Form Fee will be made in your possession as directed immediately.

You are advised to keep your fund Transfer details strictly to yourself and not share it with any individual or firm to avoid confiscation of your US$20Million Approved and Signed.

You are required to keep your Fund Transfer secretly for you alone so that those Monitoring Scammers and Criminals will not have the knowledge of your Funds Tranafer.

Note: you are to reconfirm your banking details immediately where you want us to Transfer this fund into and your private telephone numbers and the information below:

Full name:
Birth data:
Current occupation:
Marital status:
Home address:
Mobile phone:
Attached Copy of your Passport OR Working ID.

As soon as we hear from you, Your fund to be transfer as approved is US$20 Mllion with the interest.

Awaiting urgent response .their is no time to delay this golden opportunity.

Congratulations and good luck,

Send the required information to this address:

Thank you.

Call me on my Direct Private Mobile Number :+234 8035 864889

Director of Minister of Finance foreign funds investigation.
Tel:+234 8035 864889