Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mr. Charles Logan

Re: Bank Transfer of US$4.5 Million dollars for you $$

Ecoprivate Banking Plc ✆

Good Day,

I am contacting you because of a customer of ours with private banking that died six years ago during a nasty car accident. He had a balance of US$4.5 Million dollars( Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United state dollars) in his account. He was from your country. I was his account officer for the past five years. I am here to help you and claim the funds as his only living relative since he had no relatives.
He was a foreigner that worked for an oil company. If the funds are not claimed for they would be handed over to the government this year as unclaimed funds. Everything will be legal. We just need to keep things confidential, i will be your eyes and ears in the bank.

Its a simple and straightforward process. Yes it is a business deal. Only i would know that you are not the true next of kin. So send your full name and contact details so that we can begin. So that payment can be made to you by bank transfer, the total amount is US$4.5 Million US dollars. We will share the funds equally and keep 10% aside for expenses. This is my private email address:

So contact me now and lets begin. Yes the funds are real and legit and in the bank.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Charles Logan
Account Officer
Foreign Accounts Dept.
Private email: