Sunday, 1 July 2012

Webmail Messaging Centre

Email Shutdown Notice

Webmail Messaging Centre ✆

Dear Email Account Owner,

This message is from the Webmail messaging center to all email account owners. We are currently carrying out an upgrade on our system, hence it has come to our notice that one of our subscribers Infected our Network with a worm like virus and it is affecting Our database.

We are also having congestions due to the anonymous registration of accounts, so we are shutting down some accounts, and your account was among those to be that needs to be updated due to this condition.

To resolve this problem all subscribers must reply to this email immediately, and enter your User Name here (**********) And Password Here (************) to have them Cleared against this virus.

Failure to comply will lead to the termination of your Email Account.

Hoping to serve you better.
Webmail Support