Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rev. Jeff Henry


United Nations Organization ✆

We wish to inform you that the United Nations Organization (UN) has taking over your long lasting overdue payment issue in which you Presently have with your transaction agents. 

Your funds were withdrawn by UN on your behalf based on the fact that you where subjected to too Many process that will make you spend more money before receiving your Funds. 

Your payment has been taken over by the United Nations Organization, we are putting up every facility in place to make sure you Receive your funds in good faith with any further delay. 

NB: You have been strictly advised to stop every form of communication in respect of your payment With any of those so called agent or officer as they may call themselves. they are all but thief and scammers, 

For some security reasons, we need you to reconfirm your Personal data's 
Full Names** 
Contact Address** 
Telephone Number** 

Before receiving any further directives/instructions for the immediate release of your funds you are expected to reconfirm your details as you can find above to Convince us that you are the right person 

Yours truly Rev.Jeff Henry