Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sir Gordon White

Sir Gordon White

Her Majesty Customs Revenue
Payment Certification Department
2 Marsham Street. London.
SW1P 4DFWLondon, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44-7005-961-487
Fax: 44-7005-961-752

Dear Beneficiary,

I am Sir Gordon White of Her Majesty Customs Revenue. Please be informed that there is presently a counter claim on your funds by Mr. Justin Edwards. The aforementioned person has presented a death certificate, claiming that you are dead. Consequently, he is claiming to be your next-of-kin therefore the beneficiary to your funds.Please be informed that Mr. Justin Edwards has provide the account stated hereinafter for the receipt of your funds.

Bank Name: Bank of New York Mellon
AC/NUMBER: 6503809428
Name of Beneficiary: Mr. Justin Edwards
7 High gate Rd, Gansevoort, NY 12831
United States

Having exhausted other means of communication, we have decided to send this message.

Do we release the funds as Mr. Justin Edwards instructed? As a matter of urgency, you are hereby advised to revert to us within the forty two four hours. On your failure, we shall initiate payment.

We await your prompt response.

Yours Truly,

Sir Gordon White
Her Majesty Customs Revenue