Monday, 19 March 2012

Patricia Jean Rourke

from: Golden 1 credit union
date: 19 March 2012 10:05

The Golden 1 Credit Union is the worlds leading financial cooperative and trade union, the fifth largest credit union globally with $6 over billion in assets and more than 600,000 members. We have 84 offices, more than 270 ATM's.

We are working to expand our services to make work faster for our clients and customers.Therefore a new project was set up in your region and we are in need of representatives who will work at their convinience and make an impact in our business while earning extra income for themselves.

This job will be done on a part time basis, working around your schedule by phone and email. New Interested Members in your region will be sent to contact you as a representative of Golden credit Union, you are to process their request and close transaction with these clients, These clients will be directed to you on a weekly basis from our office. You will be paid on a commission basis with a 10% as commissions.

Indicate your interest for more information by sending the following informations below,

Full Name:
Home Address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Current Occupation:

Please get back at us as soon as you can with the information requested and we shall then begin the processing of your application and tell you more about the process.

Golden 1 Credit Union
136 Tottenham Court Road,
London, W1T 5AY United Kingdom.


Patricia Jean Rourke
Golden 1 Credit Union