Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rev. Bishop sol young

from: sol young
date: 28 February 2012 16:35

(Debt Reconciliation Auditors)
Plot 1005, Old National House of Assembly
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Beneficiary 

Following the recent broadcast of the secretary general of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-moon during his visit to the West African Region. In his speech to the Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS) with recommendation and debt resolution policy of his first visits to Nigeria. A total sum of (US$2.8 Billion) has been mapped out by the Federal Government of Nigeria to settle all their outstanding foreign debts owed to foreign beneficiaries. 

Firstly I want to bring to your cognizance that we are delegated World Bank Auditors assigned by the United Nations after a bilateral treaty with the Federal Government of Nigeria, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) to investigate, verify and release all genuine inheritance and executed contracts payments to their respective beneficiaries. It has therefore become imperative for us to explore the options for reducing Nigerian debt servicing policy to affordable and sustainable levels on the order of Nigerian President as a mark of his reconciliation and image laundering exercise toward sanitizing the battered image of the Federal Republic of Nigeria abroad. 

Be informed that your Payment File has been withdrawn from the authorities handling your fund transfer and they are no longer in possesion of your payment File because of their dubious desire to have extorted un-necessary fees from you for their selfish interest. However, during my official routine study of the applications of the true ownership of this fund, In the paragraph 3, of your payment approval Exchange Order, It was clearly stated that you are the real bonafide beneficiary to receive this payment fund.

Furthermore from our Finacial Security Watch monitoring the in-flo of foreign currency into Nigeria, it was observed that you have sent series of money to fake impostors who disguises themselves as President, Diplomats, Senate President, Directors and Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

In the light of the above reference, yesterday Mr. Kiyoshi Fujiwara from Osaka, Japan explained to me on how some fraudulent avaricious directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria and a Nigerian impostors who disguised himself as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan swindled him the total sum of (US$385,000) in his pursuit for the release of his executed contract payment fund being delayed at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

So please for the good bilateral treaty that co-exist between United Nations and United States of America, Stop contacting Any Person, or Any Office, or Any Bank in respect of the release of your payment here in Nigeria. They only wants to swindle out money from you for their selfish interest without releasing your payment fund to you. Therefore by the veto powers bestowed on us by the World Bank Executives, United Nations and Government of the United states of America, We shall use our esteemed office to instruct the immediate release and transfer of your approved part-payment fund valued Six, five hundred thousand dollars ($6,500 000.00) only into any of your nominated receiving Bank account.

Moreso do not honor any phone calls from any person in Nigeria and their fraudulent partners abroad to avoid illegitimate extortion of un-necessary fees and charges from you. If you receive any letter or mail regarding your payment fund, Call me or forward it to me to enable our security watchdog investigate and instigate a legal actions against these fraudulent gangsters who has tarnished the good reputation and integrity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Thanks for your anticipated un-equivocal co-operations to enable us serve you better.

Yours Faithfully,

Rev. Bishop sol young. (Liaison director)
United Nations Emissary

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