Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Alphonso Godfrey Kofi

from: Alphonso Godfrey Kofi
date: 24 January 2012 06:46
subject: Re: I await for your reply..

Hello Friend

The sum of US$85.9million was concealed in a 5 Trunk Boxes and deposited with a Private Security Company in the Republic of Ghana by a Top Government Official (Name Withheld) and hereinafter seeks your Partnership for the evacuation of these Cash Funds out of the Country for intelligent Safekeeping.

The person in question is a Presidential Aspirant for the 2012 Presidential Election in the Republic of Ghana. Your reward for participating in this risk free Business Deal will be 50% of the aforementioned Funds only if interested, ready and willing to fly to Ghana to stand as the Owner cum Beneficiary of the said amount before the Security Company for possible claiming. should be interested Send your Private Telephone Numbers for discussion of this offer in full details.

Thank you.
Yours Respectfully,
Alphonso Godfrey Kofi
Republic of Ghana

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